Waste Disposal


Collection and Transfer

The City Government, through the supervision of the City ENRO, is providing daily garbage collection on the 18 barangays, including almost all private subdivision. PTAC is using 29 dump trucks tracking different routes per day. Industries, shopping malls, restaurants, and high-end residential subdivisions have their own private hauler to collect and dispose their waste including special wastes.

Processing Facilities

The Eco-Waste Center, located at the Barangay Market Area, aims to convert biodegradable wastes from the Santa Rosa Public Market into an organic fertilizer through the process of composting. These wastes include rotten fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable peelings, chicken innards, fish gills, scales and innards. An estimated of 50 kilos of wastes per day are being collected from the public market.

The Eco-Waste Center has eight 1.5MT capacity drums but only four are being used for the everyday operation and the other four are defective and subject for repair. Each drum could generate 25 sacks of fertilizer that contains 25 kilos per sack. The Eco-Waste Center operates in a maximum of 10 working days per production. Majority of fertilizers produced are given for free as per request of the barangays, schools, government employees, and farmers assisted by City Agriculture Office.

In July 2009, the Sangguniang Barangay of Tagapo launched the first in the City-fully operational Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Using four Eco-Bikes manned by four Eco-Boys, it started collecting wastes in Purok I that includes the subdivision of Don Pablo, Marco Polo, and Perlas. The MRF-Tagapo had generated an estimated of Php 6,000.00 sales from its collected recyclables. While its biodegradables were converted into organic fertilizer through manual composting that are being used in its model farm in Farmview Subdivision.

Final Disposal

The collected wastes in the City of Santa Rosa are hauled directly to the sanitary landfill of the Pilotage Trading and Construction (PTAC) in Brgy. San Antonio in San Pedro, Laguna with an ECC- LLDA-2006-095-92001. The sanitary landfill has an area of 12 hectares with a capacity of not more than 200 metric tons per day. An estimated of 600 cubic meters of wastes are being collected per day from the 18 urban barangays of the City of Santa Rosa.

All raw and assorted garbage are disposed to the landfill area wherein the recyclables are being collected by the waste pickers who are legally recognized by PTAC. These waste pickers are educated and trained for the proper waste management system. They are provided uniforms and safety personal protective equipments (PPE) such as gloves, masks, and boots.


Special & Healthcare Wastes and Special Waste by Industries

The City Government of Santa Rosa never had a problem on special and healthcare wastes generated everyday which they (hospitals/ clinics/ commercial establishments/ manufacturing/ industries) had properly handled and disposed.


Source: 10-Year Solid Waste Management Plan, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna


Source: 10-Year Solid Waste Management Plan, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna

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