Domestic Water Supply


The Site Investigation/Engineering Study for a Flood Control, Combined Drainage Sewerage System for the Santa Rosa Basin Project Interim Report made an assessment on Water Supply.

Santa Rosa’s water supply system which serves a small portion of the city’s 11 barangays is formerly operated by the Provincial Waterworks Office (PWO) until its transfer to the Laguna Water Management Services Corporation, a subsidiary of the Manila Water Company, Inc. (MWCI). The Laguna Water sources the water supply from the
Matangtubig springs in Cabuyao and from deep wells.

Based on interview with stakeholders, majority of the residents depend on groundwater for drinking and domestic uses. The respondents complain that water taken from their wells are already getting dirty, tastes different, and at times looks gray or yellowish. To make the water potable, some of the residents boil the water or use carbonized filter or alkaline distillers. There are residents who submit the well for testing and find that the water quality is still acceptable except during flood events. (p.27)

The Drainage inventory in the City of Santa Rosa was part of the “Site Investigation/Engineering Study for a Flood Control, Combined Drainage Sewerage System for the Santa Rosa Basin Project” Interim Report made by TCGI ENGINEERS. The City Government of Santa awards to TCGI ENGINEERS the conduct of the Flood Control Study.
A number of subdivisions and several industries within the City operate their own water supply system. Subdivisions and industries sources of supply are deep wells. Residents who have no access to pipe water supply rely on individual shallow wells. In studies commissioned by JICA and Benpres, the estimated per capita consumption is about 152 liter per capita demand (lpcd) and 161 lpcd, respectively. In both studies, the following deficiencies were pointed out: 1) only about 3 percent of the total population is served, 2) low to zero pressure during peak demand, 3) high non-revenue water, 4) presence of leaks in pipes, and 5) old and undersized pipes.

Based on the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) record, the estimated safe yield and total ground water extraction for the Province of Laguna are 14,000 liters per second (lps) in an area of 1,759 square kilometer and 7,967.66 liters per second (lps), respectively. Indeed. Laguna has a vast water resource that remains to be tapped, conserved and protected. Likewise, Santa Rosa has 110 ground water permits (domestic, commercial, industrial, irrigation, municipal) with a total extraction of 1,431.616 liters per second (lps). The specific capacity of the wells within the vicinity of Santa Rosa ranges from 1 to 30 liter per second per meter (l /s/m).


Source: Laguna Water Management Services Corporation


Source: Laguna Water Management Services Corporation


Electric Power Supply

Power Supply In South Luzon Region wherein Santa Rosa is situated, is generated by power plants operated by the National Power Corporation (NPC) and by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) located in strategic parts of Luzon and supplied to the Luzon Grid attaining a capacity of 9,158 megawatts. Some power plants are located in the region, especially in the Province of Laguna (Makiling Banahaw Geothermal Power Plant), Batangas (Calaca Coal Fired Power Plant) and Quezon (Pagbilao and Hopewell Coal Fired Power Plant). Power is distributed by the Manila Electric Company.

Source: Geographic Information System (GIS) Division, City Planning and Development Office


Communication Facilities

Santa Rosa is telecom ready with the availability of telecommunications services specifically fixed landline telephone (by PLDT, DIGITEL), cellular/mobile telephone (Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular) and broadband carriers (Globe, Smart, PLDT, Bayantel). Internet Service Providers (ISP) is powered by fiber optic cable network infrastructure and wireless technology. Courier services are provided by private entities like DHL, FEDEX and LBCAIR. National and local newspapers and broadsheets circulate regularly. Satellite antenna – based cable TV stations – Royal Cable and SkyCable – operate in all areas.

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