BASURANIHAN (Basura at Bayanihan) is a project that rewards people for taking positive environmental actions. It aims to work with groups and individuals to promote waste segregation and recycling. The program encourages people to take simple steps toward a greener lifestyle through waste segregation at source and recycling.

Who can Participate?

For Individual Applications

Must be a resident or working in the City of Santa Rosa.

For Group Applications

Must be located and operating in the City of Santa Rosa.

Recognized groups and organizations could be:

1. Barangays

2. Homeowners’ Associations/Neighborhood Organizations

3. Public and Private Schools (can be either a class/section)

4. Government Offices

5. Organizations

6. Business Establishments

7. Industries

How to Apply?

1. Apply personally at the City Environment and Natural Resources Office

(City ENRO) located at the 4th Floor of the City Hall of the City Santa Rosa.

2. Applicants much bring with them the following requirements:

a) Two (2) copies of 1x1 picture with white background (both for individuals and the organization’s liaisons)

b) Photocopy of 1 (one) valid ID. e.g. School ID, Office ID,

Company ID, Driver’s License, PRC ID, Postal ID)

Application Procedure:

Step 1: Fill-up application form

Step 2: Submit accomplished application form together with

other requirements

Step 3: Claim your Green Book

How to earn Cash and Points?

Bring your recyclables to our designated waste market area every last Friday of the month.

• Each kilogram or piece of recyclable that you will sell will have

corresponding peso value that will be paid by a junkshop

accredited by the City-ENRO.

• The sold recyclables will also have corresponding points that will be

reflected on your Green Book.

• These points will be accumulated to redeem valuable items.

• The more recyclables you sell, the more cash and points you will get.

How to redeem Prizes using your Earned Points?

• The last Friday of June, for each year, will be the cut-off date for selling your recyclables.

• A summary of your total points earned will be announced a week after.

• Application of items to be redeemed will then follow.

• Prizes with their corresponding number of points will be posted at the City ENRO for your reference.

The TOP POINTS EARNER will be recognized during the celebration of Santa Rosa Environment Day every July 10. The same day will also be the BASURANIHAN Redemption Day.

In case of lost Green Book

Owner must submit the following requirements:

1. Affidavit of Loss

2. Payment of one hundred pesos (PhP 100.00)

3. One (1) copy of 1x1 ID picture with white background


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