Business One Stop Shop brings revenue and award for the City

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

In its efforts to provide convenience to the business owners in the renewal of their business permits and registrations, the City of Santa Rosa’s Business Permit and License Office regularly conducts the Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS) every January.

 “The City of Santa Rosa has been holding the Business One Stop Shop for years now. As head of BPLO, I saw that the conduct of BOSS not only brings ease for the taxpayers but it also helps us in the city government in expediting the process of business renewal,” BPLO head Olivia Laurel said.

This, according to Laurel, is in accordance to the standards set by the government such as the Republic Act No. 9485 or the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 and the Joint Memorandum Circular No. 01, Series of 2010.

The JMC No. 01 Series of 2010 by the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Department of Trade and Industry, defines BOSS as “an arrangement where a single common site or location is designated for all concerned agencies in the business permit and licensing system (BPLS) to receive and process applications for business registration thru a streamlined system.”

For BOSS 2017, the City of Santa Rosa was able to serve 4,181 businesses for their renewal and new business registration. This translated to PhP 490,799,713 earnings for the city.

The total number of establishments served during BOSS 2016 reached 3,477 while the income is PhP 367,448,074.

“We are happy that we have exceeded last year’s figures by 34%,” the BPLO head said.

The city government offices included in the BOSS are BPLO, Treasury Office, Assessor’s Office, Zoning Office, Engineer’s Office, City Environment and Natural Resources Office and City Health Office. The Bureau of Fire Protection, a national agency, is also part of the BOSS.

The BOSS was conducted from January 2-31, 2017 in the fourth floor of City Hall Building A.

Blue Certification from the Ombudsman

            The BOSS not only brought revenues but also earned recognition for the city. It was one of the positive features of the city which enabled it to obtain the Blue Certification Level I from the Office of the Ombudsman on December 13, 2016.

It was stated in the certificate that the BPLO of the City of Santa Rosa “has implemented and maintains a system that conforms to the ease of doing business standards for Blue Certification.” The scope of the certification is registration of new businesses and renewal of business permits.

“We were informed that the City of Santa Rosa is the only city in CALABARZON to receive this award so this is very overwhelming,” said Laurel.

“Usually when public officials go to the Ombudsman, it is something negative. But now we went there because we have done something positive,” she said. One of the top requirements for the certification is that the City Mayor must not have any case in the Ombudsman.

According to the BPLO head, the good news came after the city hit the 1 billion target for business taxes, “So nakaka-proud talaga. Saka this recognition strengthens our position as a business-friendly city, something that we always aimed for.”

Further, Laurel said that the award recognizes the city’s effective implementation of its services with regards to business registration and renewal. “It means that we have complied with the requirements of Anti-Red Tape Act and that we have streamlined our processes,” Laurel said.

“This award is not exclusive to the BPLO but this is a product of the concerted efforts of all offices and agencies that are part of the business registration and renewal,” she explained.

Next audit will be done after three years. It is indicated in the certificate that the date of certification is December 13, 2016 and will expire on December 12, 2019.

“The challenge now is to maintain the standard and of course to intensify our efforts to further improve and streamline our services so we can get the Level 2 Certification after three years,” said the BPLO head. (end)



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