Santa Rosa is a world class, smart and green city with a sustained and inclusive economic growth that is driven by transparent and accountable local governance, effective civil servants and empowered citizenry.


The City of Santa Rosa shall be a model in local governance effectively responding to the welfare of its people through innovative policies and programs, and integrated strategy anchored on

Creation of a business-friendly and competitive climate
Support for poverty alleviation and capability building, and establishment of priority infrastructures
Protection of environment and promotion of a healthy lifestyle
Maintenance of peaceful, orderly and disaster resilient communities.


We shall pursue an integrated and sustainable development strategy, anchored on responsible stewardship, democratic processes and institutions, and efficient and effective management that will provide world-class infrastructures and support services to:

Promote the City of Santa Rosa as one of the most friendly business center and the “Industrial Capital” of South Luzon by facilitating and encouraging local and foreign investments;
Institutionalize community participation in governance;
Provide quality support and social services, e.g. education, health, housing, micro-entrepreneurship and livelihood programs,
Ensure the protection of its people through rights-based approaches;
Promote and advocate youth and women’s issues and concerns;
Promote local products, heritage sites and eco-tourism;
Promote religious freedom; and,
Promote and protect the environment.

Slogan / Motto

The mission of the City Government is to improve further the quality of life of the people. It is for this purpose that the City Government continues to expand and reinvent its human development services, programs and projects in the areas of health, education, social welfare, housing, environment, peace and order, disaster management, infrastructure, tourism, culture under the slogan:


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J.P Rizal BLVD. Brgy. Malusak
City of Santa Rosa Laguna , Philippines 4026 
Local Number(049)530-0015(LOCAL 0)
City of Santa Rosa Laguna, Manila Line
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